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Our story, strategy and impact

Who we are

We are three businesses: Aspire Housing, Achieve Training and the Realise charity. Together, we blend commercial expertise with social purpose and revitalise communities by providing homes, training, employment and support.

Created in July 2000, Aspire Housing, the parent company, is a leading housing provider, place shaper and property developer in North Staffordshire and South and East Cheshire, with around 9,000 homes and a significant number in the development pipeline. We are a financially strong business with a social purpose. Our profits are reinvested in new homes, in revitalising communities and in a comprehensive range of innovative support services designed to transform lives.

In 2008, Achieve Training (formerly PM Training) joined the business as a leading training provider and best practice social enterprise. Since 1982, Achieve Training has supported more than 25,000 individuals and more than 1,600 partner organisations and remains the largest independent provider of apprenticeships for young people in Staffordshire.

In 2009, Realise, our group charity, was created. With gift aid from Achieve Training, donations from local people and business, Realise provides essential support to help people in Staffordshire to progress in their education and gain employment.

Building Better Futures by putting People First

This is our vision and what we all should strive to achieve through our roles across we are aspire.

So what does People First mean? People First is our philosophy – our way of working – and it’s about putting customers and colleagues at the heart of what we do. For each and every colleague it may mean something different, but it’s something we all think about.

We put customers and colleagues firmly at the centre of processes, decisions and services so we can delight our customers and do a great job in building better futures for those in our communities.

You’ll see the People First logo associated with programmes of activity, services and marketing materials. It’s something we can all live and breathe and is the lifeblood of our new Corporate Strategy 2019 – 2024.

Building Better Futures by putting People First

Our strategy

As a group, we introduced our new Corporate Strategy to guide the way we work: Building Better Futures, by putting People First.

So, how do we let this guide us? By living our values; being ambitious, creative and collaborative and always striving to work in a smarter, simpler, slicker way.

Our strategy is to maximise the impact of all parts of the group, to ensure our neighbourhoods prosper.

Everything we do, in Aspire Housing, Achieve Training and Realise charity will focus on our customer. We will do this with a strong focus on adding value in the communities of North Staffordshire.

Our strategy

Supporting our communities

Each year at we are aspire, we measure our social impact as an organisation by how much we are improving the lives of the people and the communities we work with, across our region.

Measuring and evidencing our impact helps us to demonstrate how we’re meeting this purpose, and to understand where we can do even better.

This report reviews our activities over the course of our financial year, ending 31st March 2021, and highlights the key areas where we focused our support and contributed more than £28 million in added social value.

By delivering life-enhancing benefits to the people in our homes and communities, we help them become more resilient, more able and more confident in successfully building themselves better futures. Our commitment to this is ongoing.

Supporting our communities

Our sustainability

We’re delighted to publish our first Sustainability Strategy.

It’s an evolutionary blueprint for ensuring a sustainable future for our business, our homes, our people and our communities.

Although our homes are our biggest emitter of carbon, and will require significant investment to achieve net zero by 2050, this framework applies across the group to direct the way we operate and who we will work with going forward.

Environmental Sustainability will be at the heart of our decision-making, recognising that we face a climate emergency and that the time to take action is now.

We want our residents, learners and colleagues to see the impact we are having on reducing our emissions and creating a more sustainable place to work, learn and live.

Our sustainability

Our journey so far

What does it mean to work here?

It means making a difference in our communities. Whether that’s through building and maintaining homes, training young people, helping others into employment, or delivering vital support.

We build, we train, we support: we are aspire

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