Future of Work

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic saw businesses across the UK switch to remote working. In the yead since then, we are aspire has continued to review and transform the way we work. Now, as restrictions begin to ease, we are looking toward the future, to decide how we intend to work as a company, and how we will use our workspaces.  

We are calling this our Future of Work programme! The programme encompasses different elements of working life, from how we can work comfortably at home, to how we collaborate virtually, and how our workspaces could be used. 

We have agreed as a business that we will not be returning to a traditional office space. But we are still exploring what options are available with our workspaces. Perhaps colleagues need collaborative spaces to bounce ideas around with their teams, meeting spaces for informal catch-ups, or a quiet area to focus away from distractions. 

The Future of Work programme will help us define what these spaces will be. It is about redefining the way we work, and we believe it is vital for colleagues to get involved and have a say in the way they work. After all, our colleagues are the ones who will be using these workspaces, so their ideas, thoughts and feelings will be key to determine how the workspace can support them.  

We carried out a Future of Work Design Workshop – a survey that allowed everyone’s voices to be heard. We had an amazing response rate to this data gathering exercise, with more than 75% of colleagues taking the time to offer their input and help to shape their workspace.  

The feedback is currently being analysed by experts to help us to understand what colleagues need to work in the best possible way. The results of this survey will directly influence the design of the workspace, helping us to create a workspace that will suit our new ways of working and provide a creative, collaborative and ambitious working environment for all we are aspire colleagues.