Greener Futures

Greener Futures

We are making changes to how to operate to ensure a sustainable future for our business, our homes, our people and our communities.

We are committed to put Environmental Sustainability at the heart of our decision-making, recognising that we face a climate emergency and that the time to take action is now.

In recent months we have appointed a Greener Futures Lead take charge of this programme,  and we’ve set up an amazing group of colleagues from around the business to help embed and bring ideas around sustainability.

There are a number of changes we’ve already put in place to start this journey. We’ve listed just some of these below, and you can check our our new Sustainability Strategy here:

Download our Sustainability Strategy

Greener Futures

Recent changes to the way we work

New recycling bins for customers

Our Localities team has recently collaborated with Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Achieve Training’s Homeworks team to put new recycling bins into place at some of our schemes.

This initiative for residents will help to dramatically reduce waste, boost recycling, and ultimately support sustainability in our homes. We hope to roll this initiative out to more residents soon.


Woodland Trust paper

Our Facilities team have been supporting the environment through purchasing Woodland Trust paper for our office printing.

By using this paper, we are aspire has helped to fund one hectare of new native UK woodland through 2021, to capture 375 tonnes of CO2.


New Sustainability Strategy

Our new Sustainability Strategy has now launched! It will be an important tool to help us embed sustainability in our strategy, and to highlight our commitment to this vital cause.

Read the new strategy here:

Download our Sustainability Strategy


Measuring our environmental impact

SHIFT stands for Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow – it is an assessment which calculates how well a business is doing around environmental factors. Last year we commissioned the first SHIFT assessment and are planning the next in April 2022.

The assessment is designed to ensure that businesses have a complete understanding of the changes they can make to reduce the organisation’s environmental impact and improve its sustainability standards.

Useful links for sustainable living

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