Measuring our social impact

Measuring our social impact

Each year at we are aspire, we measure our social impact as an organisation by how much we are improving the lives of the people and the communities we work with, across our region.

But what is social impact? In short, it’s the effect an organisation has on people and communities, as a result of its actions. For us, our social impact is the support we provide to the communities we work within.

Measuring and evidencing this helps us to demonstrate how we’re meeting this purpose, and to understand where we can do even better.

We’re pleased to introduce our latest Social Impact Report. This report reviews our activities over the course of our previous financial year, ending 31st March 2020, and highlights the key areas where we focused our support and contributed more than £27 million in added social value.

We hope you find it an interesting and insightful read!

Download our Social Impact Report (2019/20)

Measuring our social impact