Mental Health Awareness Week

Supporting colleagues on Mental Health Awareness Week

We’re reaching the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme this year was loneliness. Loneliness affects many of us at one time or another and can be both the driver for and a product of poor mental health.

Since the start of the pandemic, this issue has been more important than ever. With many colleagues adapting to home and hybrid working, we need to embrace this change while building and maintaining meaningful connections.

To help support colleagues and raise awareness this week, our wellbeing champions at we are aspire put together a selection of virtual and face-to-face sessions designed to support colleagues and help people reconnect with one another.

Supporting colleagues on Mental Health Awareness Week

These sessions included:

  • Coffee mornings and drop-in sessions – these virtual sessions enabled colleagues from across the organization to sign up for a casual chat, with a focus on an important area of wellbeing. Topics ranged from connecting with others, to being active, taking notice, helping others, and learning.
  • Anxiety coaching – we welcomed representatives from VICI Tuition to speak about this important issue, with the session helping colleagues to gain confidence, learn resilience, and overcome anxiety.
  • Mindfulness coaching – hosted by a trained wellness coach, the first session taught colleagues techniques to ease anxiety, boost concentration, understand the self, and soothe their minds, while the second session focused on relaxation and sleep.
  • Mental Health Awareness Quiz – we ran a colleague-hosted quiz to help showcase important statistics and trends in mental health and wellbeing, in a fun and educational environment.
  • Wellbeing walks – making the most of the beautiful outdoor spaces we have available to us locally, colleagues met at Hanley Park and Westport Lake for a chance to stretch their legs and catch up in person.

The week was a fantastic success, with a number of colleagues signing on to enjoy, experience and learn from these activities. We hope everybody who took part found these sessions worthwhile. We have a range of wellbeing and mental health benefits available to colleagues at we are aspire, and we will continue to raise awareness of this important topic.