My weight and me

My weight and me

Guest Blog by Trish Harrington

I love music. The genre doesn’t matter as long as it’s something I can sing along to in the car, much to my passenger’s dismay!

It was in the car when I noticed my tummy touching the steering wheel. That’s when I looked at myself in the interior mirror and said enough is enough, I want to shine again and get my dreams back on track!

I’ve tried so many diets in the past, but each time I kept jumping to a quick fix, without dealing with the bigger question ‘why’.

Why seems such a simple word doesn’t it?  Those three words might be simple, but when you truly ask yourself ‘why’ it is bittersweet. You know you’re going to get to a better place, however there are some tough decisions you need to make and be brave enough to see them through.

Finding out the ‘why’ naturally led me to the how.

My weight and me

I’m lucky enough to have an employer who takes the health and wellbeing of its colleagues seriously. They linked me up with a Slimming World consultant, Jeff, and paid for my first 12 weeks. Then COVID hit and the whole world seemed to lose control. My diet was the one thing I could control, and no one was going to take that away from me.

I set myself the challenge of losing five stones. Sounds simple right? It’s not. It takes dedication and resilience.

On the days I struggled, I drew on the strength of my friends and family. They often reminded me of my value and how far I had come at each milestone. It’s quite a thing when you realise, you’re at a point in life when you don’t value oneself as other people seem to.

So, this my friends, is where my walking adventures began.

Last year I couldn’t walk two miles and now my record is 12 miles! I’ve learnt how to read a map, well in a fashion, and found new areas to explore.

Although I studied the work of Octavia Hill as part of my CIH qualification, through my walks, I’ve really started to understand her belief in the importance of access to nature for human wellbeing and finding space for quiet reflection.

As well as getting out in the fresh air, I’ve had to take a long hard look at my diet.

Just like a yoyo goes up and down so did my food intake. If I’m feeling down, I’d eat more and if I were on a high, I’d eat less. I guess food became a comfort blanket for me.

The thing I love about the Slimming world is that it’s taught me how to shop for the right foods and how to cook my food, so I didn’t feel hungry or deprived. Through lockdown, the weekly virtual catch-ups with the group have been a source of great strength and my consultant, Jeff, has been a beacon of positivity and motivation.

Tuesday mornings have become a ritual for me. I take a deep breath as I step onto the scales, hoping that I’ve done enough to see a loss. I got to my first stone award and thought do you know what, I can do this. I found a rhythm with my diet and exercise that seemed to work and each week I saw a loss.

Eight months in and I’ve reached the summit; I’ve lost five stone!

That’s 70lbs, equivalent to 30 bags of sugar. Lost eight inches off my waist, dropped five dress sizes and my Fibromyalgia has improved.

Losing weight has changed my life.

Now is my time to shine, get out and enjoy life to the full once again!