Our Steps Challenge

What was the #StepsChallenge?

In the run up to Christmas, we launched a Steps Challenge for all colleagues at we are aspire. It was a six-week long, fitness-focussed journey for colleagues to get active and increase their step count to promote positive health and wellbeing.

There were ten captains, leading ten teams, all competing to accumulate as many steps as possible every week and in total. Employees were given guidance on tracking their steps through fitness apps and they were rewarded with ‘steps’ for everyday activities. The teams worked together remotely to reach their goals, whilst ensuring the safety of themselves and everyone around. The most important element of the challenge was to have fun, of which there was plenty!

Weekly updates encouraged the teams and shared their achievements, highlighting the top three teams with the most total steps, highest team average steps, and outstanding steppers. Teams were encouraged to document their journeys and it led to very creative videos for everyone to enjoy! Some teams “rowed, danced and bounced through the weeks” and some teams held “squat meetings”. The challenge culminated in a virtual awards event, to celebrate the achievements of everyone and top off the year!

Why did we start the challenge?

The circumstances due to the lockdown and the regional tier system meant that most colleagues were working from home, and in many cases not getting the same amount of exercise of fresh air that they normally would. The Steps Challenge was a way to improve that situation and motivate colleagues. The ultimate goal was for employees to actively increase their ‘steps’ through all sorts of activity such as running, cycling, and walking. We ensured that even activities that didn’t require steps were included in the list of activities, like planking, to make it fair and exciting for everyone!

What were the results?

We had many staggering achievements by individuals and teams alike. It all started with the first week of the challenge, in which the steps of all teams totalled to 5.8 million! That translates to 4,420 km. With one team close to a million steps, it served as great encouragement for everyone to keep their steps up.

The challenge produced a whopping 5 million steps per week and an individual average of 55,000 weekly. Statistically, this meant each person averaged their recommended daily steps twice over. In the end, the total steps for the entire six weeks were 29.8 million steps, translating to 22,727km – that’s about as far as walking from Staffordshire to Argentina… and back! An incredible achievement from persistent stepping.

The Steps Challenge was well received by the employees and people loved the opportunity to move, be active, be creative and share their journeys over the six weeks with each other. Some teams have opted to continue doing their own steps challenges in the future! All in all, the challenge was a great success. As stated by one of our colleagues, ‘The challenge has done a cracking job of keeping us on track and motivating us to get active.’