Staffordshire Business Pledge for Literacy

We support the Business Pledge for Literacy

We have recently signed up to support the Staffordshire Business Pledge for Literacy.  

This is a joint initiative between Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and the National Literacy Trust, which aims to recognise the changes that businesses can make in their workplace to support literacy, both now and in the future. 

At we are aspire we will use our close relationship with our North Staffordshire communities to help raise literacy levels in our area.  

The pledge will run alongside and boost our Realise charity literacy project, which has already made fantastic steps to increase literacy amongst children and adults in North Staffordshire – as well as strengthening the Realise strategy to support people into education and employment. 

We will be collaborating with our colleagues, Realise charity, local partners, and communities to: 

  • Work with local schools and pupils​ 
  • Create and support literacy programmes​ 
  • Provide volunteers for local projects​ 
  • Raise the profile of literacy in the workplace​ 
  • Encourage reading and promote the benefits of literacy 

There will be plenty of ways in which we are aspire colleagues can get involved in the pledge and make a difference, including volunteering opportunities, book donations, and joining our soon-to-be launched colleague book club. 

Find out more about the Staffordshire Business Pledge for Literacy here.