Working from home during lockdown

Working from home during lockdown

Like many UK businesses, we have closed our main offices during lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

However, we are still carrying out work in the community. We have frontline repairs and maintenance colleagues going out daily to perform emergency repairs and vital safety checks, and we have wellbeing colleagues at our community living schemes supporting some of our most vulnerable customers.

We also have hundreds of colleagues working from home and carrying out their roles remotely. Last week we even completed a remote telephony project, which was implemented in just two weeks – this means that our Customer Excellence team are now able to deal with customer contacts in the safety of their own home, and no longer need to come into the office to support our customers. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that anybody who can carry out their role from home is now able to do so.

Some of us at we are aspire are now in our sixth week working from home, so we thought we’d share some helpful tips for how to create a positive working environment in your home, and how to look after your wellbeing.

Working from home during lockdown


  1. Create a designated workspace – whilst it’s appealing to curl up on the sofa with a laptop, and it’s fine to do this occasionally, it’s also good to have a designated workspace on a desk or a table. Not only will this be better for your posture when working for long periods, but it allows you to leave your workspace behind at the end of the working day and then you can use your sofa to relax.
  2. Think about your environment – when setting up your workspace, consider how it will feel to work there. Is there good lighting? Do you have a window? Is it too warm or too cold? Is it relatively free from distractions?
  3. Develop a routine – your working life will no doubt change from a normal day in the office, but it can be useful to build a routine where possible. Get up, showered and dressed, have a healthy breakfast, take a lunch break. Keeping a routine will add some structure to your day. Building an alternative routine can also help you work around childcare responsibilities in the day and allow you to work in the evening when it may be quieter.
  4. Stay in touch with people – you may not be able to see your colleagues in person, but it’s great to have a catchup on the phone, or even better – over videocall technology! We’re having plenty of Microsoft Teams meetings at we are aspire to work on projects together and just to keep in touch with friends.
  5. Take time for yourself – whether you need to step away from work to spend time with your family, or just to take a break and get some fresh air, it’s important that your wellbeing comes first. Take some time and look after yourself whenever you need to – and chat to friends, family and colleagues regularly.

You can find out how our different businesses are responding to the coronavirus pandemic and what measures our colleagues are taking to protect customers, learners and themselves by visiting the Aspire Housing website, the PM Training website, and the Realise charity website.